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1. Thinking Ape - March 20, 2007

Yes! Bananas rock!
Good to see a blog starting excellent discussions. Keep it up.

2. amandalaine - April 5, 2007

Thanks for stopping by my site Paul! I love your tagline above: the act of passionate inquiry. Very cool.

Good luck with your searching! I’m sure I’ll be back for a few comments on your site. Would always be interested to hear what you have to say on mine.

3. bairbresine - July 11, 2007

Hey there roopster! I like your Blog. Took a peek at your “What if you read the Bible Literally” Blog too. Don’t have a google account so I couldn’t comment over there but I really should get one because boy that’s a big old can of worms. Reading the King James 1611 Bible 10 times straight thorough and being told I should take every word literally lead directly to my crises of faith. I read it the first time at age 10 and granted I didn’t understand it all but I kept thinking “these grown men who have important positions in my town, in my county (I lived in the county seat), are the judges and lawyers and treasurers believe all this shit? Really? Jonah and the whale? Noah and the Ark? Really? ooooookaaaay. I thought there was some grown up secret like santa claus they let you in on when you got baptized but nope it was just more blind faith unless I missed out on something because I was a woman. And if that was the case fuck them, I’d rather go to hell.

4. carlton figg - November 10, 2007

Jesus once told His people (the Jews) that though they were His flock, there were other sheep away from that flock, and that He desired to call the “other” sheep to Him so that there would be “one flock and one shepherd” (John 10:16). It is apparent that His “other” sheep were the Gentiles. Also apparent is the fact that Jesus had no desire to break away from Judaism — rather, He wanted the “others” to convert to Judaism so that there would be one flock and one shepherd. Of course, by “shepherd” He was referring to Himself. The fact is that Jesus was a devout Jew. While He may have frowned on the bahaviour of the Jewish clergy, He never once so much as hinted at the possibility that Judaism was a false faith. To illustrate this point, let me refer you to Mathew 15:24 when He said that He was sent (by His father) only to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. How much clearer could He have made Himself ?

Oh, I know everything that Paul (in his famous letters) conveyed to the Gentiles. But I really don’t believe everything that Paul wrote (or whoever wrote it). The plain fact is that the apostles, including Paul, were getting no success with the Jews so they focussed on the Gentiles (though Jesus told them to “go nowhere among the Gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” ). So if Jesus himself wanted nothing to do with the Gentiles, do you think that Paul had the authority to override the Lord’s instructions ? Though, if a Gentile embraced Judaism I have no doubt that he would have been welcomed by the Lord with open arms — remember, He had a need for “one flock and one shepherd “.

My argument here is that Jesus did not come down to earth to launch a new religion. Exactly how the new religion was formed can perhaps best be explained by the ghost of the Roman emperor, Constantine. Of course, many of us don’t need Constantine’s explanation. We already know !!

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